Mommy/Daddy & Me Skate Class Starting in November


Winter Wonderland starts December 1st


Mommy/Daddy & Me Skate Class Starting in November


Winter Wonderland starts December 1st


Our Figure Skating programs are aimed at developing the best skaters in South Florida. Offering USFS programs, Florida Panthers IceDen provides the finest training facility for both the recreational and competitive skaters. Our top rated skating professionals will provide our members with superior coaching in our state-of-the-art facility, which includes daily sessions. All of our instructors are USFS and PSA members. Come and train like a Champion, home of the "Panthers Figure Skating Club".

Florida Panthers IceDen Instructors

Artem TorgashevArtem Torgashev 
Artem Torgashev is a former pair skater who competed internationally for the Soviet Union National Team.  He is a two-time World Junior medalist, Skate Canada, Nebelborrn Trophy medalist, Cup of Soviet Union, Russian National Championship and Russian Winter Games Champion.  After his competitive career, Artem performed with the Russian All Stars Show as a principal skater. Artem has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from the Moscow State Institute of Physical Culture.

Professional Experience
Artem has over 17 of Years Professional Teaching Experience in the United States. He is Master Rated in Freestyle, Nationally Ranked Coach by the Professional Skaters Association and a USFS Member.  Artem has years of experience coaching International Competitors, United States Regionals, Sectionals, National Champions and Medalists. He is well versed on the International Judging System. 

Artem specializes in developing on and off-ice jump training plans for his students.  The goal of the plans are to perfect basics and to advanced jump technique from beginner  to senior level on and off the ice.  Each students individual plan is created to include the use of sophisticated on-ice training tools such as, Dartfish Video Technology, on-ice jump harness and off-ice training.

Coaching Philosophy
Artem believes each skater must start with a strong foundation.  He works with each skater to build a strong jump technique.  This technical foundation starts with waltz jumps and carries through to triple axel. It’s not only about jumps and technique,  Artem also works with each student on confidence.  Artem tells his athletes: "if you believe in yourself, have confidence, dedication, pride and never quit, you will be a winner!”. He believes his skaters must first believe they can do it  and feel confident they have the proper technique and training.Even though jumps may not always be perfect,  with the right training, the right technique and confidence, the hard work will pay off.

Contact: 954- 478-2326
Jodi BarnesJodi Barnes
Jodi is a Canadian National Champion and International Medalist. She also has Gold Freestyle, Gold Pair and Gold Dances.

A early retirement from completive skating led to Principle Roles as a pair and soloist for the major Ice Show Producers Feld Entertainments "Disney on Ice", Willy Bietak Productions for Royal Caribbean, Holiday on Ice and Ice Theater of New York. They were again named to the Canadian team to compete in the World Professional Championships in Jaca Spain.

While touring she took on the role of Performance Director/Manager, while choreographing and directing for different companies she was named Artistic Director of Canadian Ice Dance Theater.

Her passion for the sport shows in her work and she has spent much of her time around the world developing pair teams in many countries. She is a Technical Specialist in Pairs.

Jodi coaches all levels and believes in working to create well rounded athletes that become leaders both on and off the ice.
Amy BattistaAmy Battista  
Amy is from Madison, Wisconsin and has over 20 years of competitive coaching experience. While in Wisconsin, Amy was the Director of Skating for the Southern Wisconsin FSC for 12 years; running the learn to skate program, synchronized program, as well as competitive coaching. She was the chairperson for the club's annual basic skills competition that hosts over 125 skaters every year! If this wasn’t enough, Amy also directed the club's annual skating shows every year.

Amy has coached numerous State and National Champions (State Games of America) since 1999, as well as, several Upper Great Lakes Regional Finalists, including 3 Regional Champions and a number of Regional Medalists. Amy's students have also won artistic skating championships and awards. Amy has coached competitive skaters though their Senior Moves and Novice Free skating.

Amy graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Family Studies with Teacher Certification for grades Pre-K to Third. Amy was also a school teacher for 9 years and has a gift of working with children. Her educational background as well as personal qualities of patience, kindness, creativity and the love of the sport of figure skating, have made coaching a perfect fit. Amy has also taught swimming, water aerobics, and coached competitive diving for 14 years coaching numerous city champions in Madison.

As an educator and coach, Amy is organized, creative and very detail oriented. Her teaching philosophy is that every skater's goals are important whether they are to go to the Olympics or to just master a crossover. Every student Amy works with is treated with respect and value. Amy will work with skaters and parents as a "team" to help every student achieve his or her goals in the best way possible.

In her free time, Amy enjoys traveling, sporting events, concerts, rollerblading, skiing and going to the beach. She has 2 sisters, 2 nieces and 2 nephews living in Wisconsin and enjoys spending time with them when visiting.

Contact Information for Amy:
Cell: 608-239-3883
Resume and References available upon request.
Curtis ChornopyskiCurtis Chornopyski   
Curtis competed at several Canadian National Championships under the tutelage of multi-national and world champion coach Michael Jiranek.  For over a decade, Curtis extensively toured 5 continents starring as a principle skater with such companies as Disney on Ice and Royal Caribbean International.  

Curtis then settled in New Jersey and began coaching competitive skaters on and off the ice while still performing with The Ice Theatre of New York and skating and choreographing for numerous ice, corporate and benefit shows with National, World, and Olympic champions. Curtis' television appearances include: Kurt Browning's "Tall in the Saddle", Good Morning America, The Today Show, and the Australian reality show "Skating on Thin Ice".

In addition to Curtis' expertise in skating technique and artistry, he also brings to the Panther's IceDen knowledge and experience in off-ice conditioning with certifications as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant through American Council on Exercise. Curtis also has a Certified Freestyle Rating with the PSA, and specializes in jumping utilizing the Pole Harness.
Rebecca combines her love for the ice with her love for physical fitness in every aspect of her job here at the Panthers IceDen. She received her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University, specializing in Strength and Conditioning.

Rebecca is also a certified personal trainer and specializes in functional/sport specific training for her athletes. Rebecca has 20 years of skating experience and has been an accredited member of the PSA since 2002. She actively holds PSA ratings in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Group Instruction and Sports Science.

With nearly 15 years of coaching experience she has developed a solid teaching method both on and off the ice. Her technique is solid yet flexible by recognizing the fact that no two skaters are the identical and that coaching style needs to adapt to fit the personal needs of each student to best complement their learning style. A natural teacher, Rebecca assesses her students' needs and utilizes a well-rounded approach to help her skaters achieve their own personal success. Rebecca specializes in Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Off-Ice Conditioning.

Contact by phone (561)451-7292 or by email

Jeanine is a Florida native and grew up skating right here in Coral Springs under the tutelage of our very own Ilona Melnichencko and Artem Torgashev. She comes to us as a double gold medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. Her competitive years were followed by 8 years of professional skating as semi-principal for Disney on Ice, international touring with Holiday on Ice, and various theme park and theatrical ice productions throughout the world. She has played various exciting roles such as The Evil Queen from Snow White, Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Gabriella Montez from High School Musical: The Ice Tour.  

Jeanine has been coaching since 2008 specializing in Basic Skills, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Off Ice Training, and Power Skating for hockey players. She played 4 years of ice hockey and understands the needs of a hockey player. Jeanine is a member of United States Figure Skating as well as a certified PSA instructor. Jeanine believes all skaters need to start with a solid foundation of basic skating skills in a fun environment. She aims to instill a love for skating in all of her students. Jeanine welcomes any student of any age to join this sport, which is valuable in all aspects of life, on and off the ice.
Phone Number: 754-368-4229 

Mr. Haw is a former Canadian national competitor and national level judge in all disciplines of figure skating.  Having dual citizenship, Mr. Haw has over twenty-five years of coaching experience in Canada and eleven years in the USA.  Mr. Haw has coached national, international, world and Olympic competitors and trained many professional skaters such as Brian Orser and Kurt Browning.

He graduated with High Honors receiving his Coaching Techniques Diploma (technical, biomechanics, exercise physiology, teaching methodology etc.) from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. He has attained the highest certification in North America attaining his Master Rating in Figures, Free Skating and Moves in the Field with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and his Level 5 Olympic Coach in Canada!  He is also one of the authors of the Moves in the Field! 

He is a former US Figure Skating Technical Specialist, voted Coach of the Year and has served on both Canadian and PSA national coaching committees.  He is also a presenter at PSA, National and International seminars in Canada, Mexico and the USA. Mr. Haw is a proud advocate of coach’s education and is a natural teacher.  When he coaches, he is positive, productive and always adds a bit of humor!
Contact: Cell: 954-952-5248
Alexander "Sasha" was born in Moscow Russia and started skating from the age of five at the prestigious "Central Army Club" CSKA in Moscow. During his competitive career he was trained by coaches Stanislav Zhuk, Victor Kudriavtsev and at last he was coached by Rafael Arutyunyan. Sasha has won several National and International competitions and was one of the first quad jumpers. He is a Master of Sport in Russia.  

For over decade Sasha worked as principal soloist at Disney on Ice, Willy Bietak productions and Holiday on Ice around the world and was recognized for his incredible jump technique and ability. 

During that time Sasha was invited to guest coach and present seminars in many different countries to improve skating skills, jumps and spins. Now as a coach Sasha along with his wife, coach Jodi Barnes, works with all levels of skaters helping build a strong skating foundation. He believes training a strong competitor must be done on and off the ice.

Vitali is a former single and pair skater. He started skating when he was 3 years old. After achieving his goals in single skating, Vitali decided to take on a new challenge and became a pair skater. Vitali is a former Jr. and Senior Champion of Belarus and Israel in Single and Pairs and he competed internationally for Belarus and Israel. He has 35+ years of skating and 20+ years of coaching experience. After his competitive career was over, Vitali coached and performed many shows around the World as a Principle Skater including: Filippe Candeloro’s “La Belle et la Bête”, Disney on Ice “Princess Classics” and “Lion King”, Holiday on Ice “Energia”, Willy Bietak “Ice Under the Big Top” and “Ice Dancing”, Orange Tree Production “Noel Sur Glace”, “Cirque on Ice” and “Viva Las Vegas.”  

 Vitali has coached skaters from numerous countries including Belarus, Israel, Russia, France and the USA. He coached National Champions, European, World and Olympic skaters. He is well versed on the International Judging System and continues to develop his knowledge by meeting and discussing with world known specialists in the field. Vitali and his wife Tatiana moved to USA in 2009 to help develop figure skating and hockey programs at an ice rink in Texas.

Vitali has a Bachelor Degree with top honors in Sport Science and Physical Education from the Belarus State University. He holds Florida Teacher Certificate for grades K-12 and is currently working on his Master's Degree. His knowledge, professionalism, friendliness and love of the sport helps his athletes to discover their potential and to achieve their goals while also having fun. He is an expert in jump technique and spins and power stroking. He also specializes in off-ice conditioning, jump training and stretching. Vitali is proud to coach at Florida Panthers IceDen and loves Florida. Vitali and his Tatsiana have two boys Mark and David.

Contact: 281-902-2417

Aleksey Morkovkin was a member of the Russian national team for six years and was the winner of numerous regional and local pairs skating titles in his home country, including the Moscow Open championship.
Beginning his career in 70's and training under two-time Olympic Champion Alexander Zaitsev, Aleksey developed a strong fundamental freeskating technique which led to a long post-competition career as a top professional performer worldwide. 
For nearly a decade he was the star of the Disney On Ice productions of Toy Story and Aladdin, touring worldwide and also working as assistant performance director and choreographer to 45 professional skaters.
He also toured all through Europe and the Caribbean while working for renowned skating producer Willy Bietak performing on Royal Caribbean’s premiere luxury ships among other shows throughout the world.
Aleksey joined Panthers Ice Den in 2011 and became a U.S. citizen in 2013.

He is the founder of Florida on Ice, which brings skating students and their coaches from Russia to the U.S. for several weeks of high-level training, sightseeing and immersion in American culture. It is this international exchange of ideas — something Aleksey first encountered while touring with skaters from every corner of the globe — that he says keeps him continually moving forward in skating, even after 40 years in the sport. He speaks English, Russian and Spanish.

In addition to his work with figure skaters of all levels, Aleksey has coached speed skaters and hockey players too, substantially improving their strength and speed on the ice. He is an expert in jump technique, spins and power stroking, and also specializes in off-ice jump training and stretching. Aleksey is well-versed in the ISU’s International Judging System (IJS) and is a longtime member of the Professional Skaters Association. He holds an “A’” coach’s certification from U.S. Figure Skating. 

He welcomes your inquiries at
Phone number:  (404)435-2504

Julie has over 30 years of skating experience. She completed all figure skating test levels to achieve her U.S. Senior Gold in Free skate, U.S. Senior Gold in Moves in the Field, as well as competed in several competitions throughout the country. She carries several PSA ratings, including: Master Sports Science, Certified Free skate, Certified Moves in the Field, and Registered Group Instructor with the Professional Skaters Association. In 2010, Julie was inducted into the distinguished PSA Ranking System as a Level II Instructor.

 Julie has produced several State Champions and Regional level skaters with her teaching experience of over 15 years. She specializes in all levels and ages. Julie clearly loves what she does and you can see it in every lesson! 

She welcomes your inquiries at

Adrian Schultheiss
Adrian is a Swedish Olympian, 4-time World and 5-time European competitor. He placed 9th in the World Championships 2010 in Torino and top 6 in the European Championships 2008. He is a Swedish, Nordic, Junior GP and European Youth Olympic Festival gold medalist. First Nordic skater to successfully land a quadruple jump (Olympic Games 2010). 

Adrian started teaching Figure skating on the side of his active skating carrier in 2008 and now resides in Miami since 2013 after one year of coaching in Rome, Italy. He has 4 Years of education in the Swedish Olympic Committee Talent program, which includes mental training, diet and health, media training, fitness, strength and conditioning, sport specific injury prevention. Program teachers include full staff of Swedish Olympic Committee. 4 Years of education in the Nordic Development Project (as a skater). Teachers included Frank Carrol, Barry and Verly Bartlet, and Viktor Kudriatsev. During his active carrier, he has also had the opportunity to work with Alexei Mishin, Rafael Arutunian, Priscilla hill, Evgeni Loutkov, Christina Helgesson & Regina Jensen, Maria Bergqvist, and Tony & Denny Hulten (Twisted Feet). He has a Swedish Figure Skating Associate Level of 3B and studied at the Aspero Sports Gymnasium in Gothenburg, Sweden from 2004-2008. He is a PSA Member and a registered coach of U.S. Figure Skating. Speaks fluent English, Swedish and German.

He enjoys teaching all levels of skaters from beginners to build a strong foundation up to seniors to sharpen and peak them. He believes that each individual should always have high dreams and set up goals to help them achieve them. He does full overview of skaters training schedule, on and off the ice. Teaches: jumps, spins, skating skills, moves in the field, IJS programs and choreography. He also does music editing and is available for pole harness lessons.

To schedule a private lesson contact him at

JENNIFER SCHMITZ SWENNING   Jennifer Schmitz Swenning
Jennifer was born in Switzerland and grew up in Germany. She has won national and international titles for Germany and is also a former German Junior Champion. She is an International double gold medalist in figures and freestyle and is a USFS Member and Registered Instructor and PSA Member. Jennifer has also taken her students to Swiss National Championships while working in Europe. 

She has worked alongside the most influential producers, performers, and choreographers in the ice show industry. Jennifer spent 7 years with Holiday on Ice as a lead soloist and was the lead skater "Pearl" in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Starlight Express.” Jennifer also played the role of “Sandy” in Feld Entertainment’s Production of “Grease” and has performed live with singer/songwriter Leo Sayer in Brighton, England. In her career of 20 years she has performed and choreographed for verious major ice show companies. 

Jennifer owns her own Production Company, ‘Ice Maxx Productions’ which produces professional ice shows in association with the Government of Singapore, Disneyland Paris, Europa Park, The cities of Chiasso and Locarno Switzerland, The Palace Theater Myrtle Beach, Marquez Productions, and Spirit Productions USA Inc. 

Jennifer has been featured in many television specials for Holiday on Ice, ZDF Germany” Katarina Witt” Special, RTL Germany, TF1 France, Fox Kids The Netherlands. Her extensive background in skating, dance, and choreography gives a unique style to her work. Jennifer opened "Christmas On Ice" November 2010 and 2011 to rave reviews for choreography. 

Contact: 954-740-4447

20 Years Professional Teaching Experience. 
PSA Rated Professional Member. Ratings held in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. 
USFS Member and Registered Instructor.USFS Triple Gold Medalist - Moves In the Field, Freestyle, and Figures. 
Pro SkatersVice President - 2006-2013, Board Member and Editor 
2015 World Figure Champion
Pros Skaters Vice President 2006- Present

Coaching Philosophy
Richard believes in positive reinforcement with a strong work ethic and good technical fundamentals with the focus on love of the sport and fun. Richard believes in realistic goal setting for each athlete and making sure all resources are there to reach those goals for all of his students. Dartfish lessons available, refined edge technique for the advanced skater as well as Jumps, Spins, Choreography, Elements of Style, and Performance. 

Richard has performed with all major ice show companies worldwide since 1990. He has been cast as a leading male soloist for: Torvill and Dean, The Ice Capades, Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, Holiday on Ice, The Next Ice Age, Porter, Rand, Bietak, Leary, Foster, Glacier Ice, and Blackpool WWP skating companies. Richard is the Producer and Director of his own Company with his wife Jennifer Schmitz ‘Ice Maxx Productions’ which specializes in live on stage ice shows. 

Contact: 843 478 4128

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